How to manually install extensions?

  • Good morning, I just installed Vivaldi. I absolutely love it so far, I've only had it for a few hours. I've been jumping between browsers for the last few years. I like to stay on the up and up when it comes to technology as best as I can. I used Firefox in my high school years when having a thumb drive was the in thing because of the file size and versatility in using it. I later switched to Chrome as I felt they had the easier more convenient browser which is true on some points. However, the issue I have with Chrome is how much RAM it eats up. I switched about 2 months ago back to Firefox, this happened to be about the same time the beta for MacOS Sierra came out. I've been running MacOS since then now with the official release regardless, I felt Firefox was extremely buggy and lacked some features. I went to switch back earlier last night but decided to do some research and stumbled across Vivaldi. I'm impressed, still figuring it out but I like it thus far. I see that it is Chromium based so many of my extensions I was able to find and install, they all work pretty well. However, there is one that is not Chrome stopped supporting a few years ago that I had to last manually install. I have the file for it saved locally but I have no idea how to install it manually with Vivaldi. Has anyone figured this out yet or know how to do it? I would greatly appreciate it!

  • In vivaldi://extensions enable Developer mode.
    Then if you have .user.js scripts, just drag them in the window and they will be added as extensions.
    I don't know if it works also for .xpi (extensions for Firefox) but for extensions zips named (for Chrome) you have to unzip them in a temp dir, select in the Vivaldi extension window "Pack Extension" to create a .crx file out of the unpacked extension directory, then drag the resulting .crx in the extension window.
    This is how I install uBlock Origin updates from its Github repo.

  • HEY! That worked! Thanks! I should have tried that from jump! I really appreciate it! I think everything I could want is right in front of me now! Thanks!

  • hmmm...I tried it, but at first the extensions are greyed out when I go to the picker, and if I drag and drop it in, nothing happens : ( xpi file

  • @Dborhanian That's a firefox extension, it doesn't work on chromium browsers.

  • @luetage so I should get a CRX type extension if I want it to work?

  • Yes, .crx or .nex -- the second one are Opera extensions, and most of them work on Vivaldi too. You just have to download them, rename the filename extension (to .crx) and drag them onto the extension page.


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