Sidewise Tree Style Tabs - partially working

  • [url=]Sidewise Tree Style Tabs[/url] - functions as a vertical tab bar while listing all windows, allowing to organise tabs in tree structure, and allows hibernating/waking up individual tabs, windows or trees. It is mostly working, except for some things: a) If you add it as a web panel, so that it would function the same as vertical tab bar, it doesn't update itself while switching windows, you need to update it manually by clicking "Home" button b) "Edit title" function does not work at all, neither for tabs nor windows c) It seems impossible to load a Vivaldi Start page as a new page. Even if selecting to load a Home page and setting the Start page address as Home page, it still loads some default chrome tab with google opened. d) "Put in new folder" function doesn't work at all, it does nothing

  • Thanks for this report on Sidewise. I didn't like it for Chrome, but it was worth a try for Vivaldi. When Vivaldi gets tree-style tabs, I'll be 90% done with Firefox, which quickly hogs up memory and slows down drastically. Firefox has sync between devices, however, which I find useful.


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