Feature requests

  • [ul] [li]Add "Device Mode" button to inspector[/li] [li]You should add some kind of shadow (like visual studio 2013) because Vivaldi's window edges blends with other windows[/li] [li]Although rewind and fast forward buttons seems to be useful, maybe you should add and option to hide/show them[/li] [li]Pronunciation on translate.google.com is not working on vivaldi, I've seen this problem in other browsers like firefox, but I would be great if you make vivaldi work with google translate[/li] [li]Please add a right-click menu item to translate current page[/li] [li]Missing details like speed and url on downloads panel[/li] [li]Add an option to make "Panel Toogle" 1px width, we already know where the panel is[/li] [li]Remove tab margin-top when window is maximized[/li] [li]Can you add a "History" button to the Panel? because is a bit annoying to go to newtab>history[/li] [li]Don't like the chat and email ideas, I just want a browser[/li] [/ul] Thanks for your time Vivaldi Team

  • Gonna hop on here so I don't need to make a new thread.

    Add shortcut to reopen last closed page.

    Not a feature but clarify tab stacking. Currently, it is difficult to switch tabs withing a stack and closing it closes the entire stack.

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