Bookmark icons carry no thumbnail images

  • I just started using Vivaldi and love it so far... except that almost none of the bookmarks on my bookmark bar have thumbnail images, so I can't tell one from the other. Pointing at them doesn't reveal their link addresses like Chrome shows. How can I fix this?

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    By "thumbnail" you mean favicon. If you visit each bookmark and re-start the browser, nearly every favicon will appear. Also, if you keep the status bar open, the address of each bookmark will display there when you hover it. If you "Show Status Info Overlay" instead, then even with the status bar closed, the bookmark address will show at the bottom left of your browser when you hover a bookmark. A thumbnail, so you understand how Vivaldi uses this term, is a miniature picture of the entire page. You can show it for each tab all of the time, or have it pop up when you hover a tab, or turn it off. It also is the image that you see in Speed Dial when you add a page to Speed Dial.

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