From tab(s) to new window(s)

  • It'd be great if you could click and drag a tab away from the Tab bar and have it make a new window with that content in it, this feature is present in Firefox and Chrome and I would love to see it in use on this browser

  • I agree. There are two scenarios where I do this:

    1. Notice, that some webpage I opened has a video, I might wanna drag it as a new window to my extended screen / tv and continue browsing with my "main" browser window with all my tabs open.

    2. Put 2 pages side-by-side by using W7 "fit to half screen" feature or whatever its called.

  • @RRR13:

    Wait… you mean this feature doesn't exist yet?!
    I have to test this when I get to my Vivaldi.

    I just tested it with the latest release as well as my previous comment was based on an older release.
    No, I didn't find a way to do it. You can't drag the tab outside the browser window to create a new browser window and there isn't a right click option in an existing tab to "open in a new window".

    Any success there?

  • This is something that I miss as well. I use that a lot to move information back and forth between my monitors with current browsers.

  • Is not much time that was (re)implemented in Opium, just give some time to the Vivaldi developers too.

    In the meantime, for some situations, you may find useful the niftysplit extension.

    Not a replacement of the function but..


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