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  • @guigirl NB: Last night the Dev posted in their bug tracker, which triggered a parallel email to me, that they could not replicate my alleged problem with bookmarks-button.js. I thought that was pretty odd given i tested it also in my Test [clean] profile with the same outcome. I rechecked their Github & found a slightly further edited version of that one hook [ie, less than a few hours since the earlier updated one i had used]. I replaced that file here then retested, but in practical terms it changed nothing, ie:

    • Snapshot 3.5.2131.8 still launches ok, but clicking that button does nothing.
    • Stable launch freezes at the blank window.

    I can't grasp how the Dev can't replicate such prominent misbehaviour, so i wanted to let our forum know about this because your experience might well be that of the Dev rather than mine.

    TL;DR - give it a go, coz maybe it works for you despite not so for me.

  • @guigirl It’s the same for me with 2131.8, so let’s wait til next Snapshot maybe? & why don’t you just open a new issue there [after testing w/ next SS], as he asked you to?

  • @guigirl I’ve now retested, & found that it works as expected, probably I was trying it with the old version of jdhooks.js before.

    Are you sure that all your VHs (incl. the main loader) are up to date?

  • @potmeklecbohdan That's good news for you, yay. Yep i'm pretty sure, because i diff each file via Kompare, note the differences & merge as appropriate.

    Tbh atm i'm not worried about this, coz i actually don't like & don't use the BM hook. Whilst i enjoy the benefit of using VH i get bored by the tedium of managing it across version updates [that aforesaid diffing is tedious for a bone lazy old cow like me who feels it unnecessarily distracts her from the main game of dragging threads OT. Why, that reminds me, just the other day...]. Hence i tend only to visit the Github each few months to see if there's any interesting new hooks, & otherwise leave my deployed version alone even if the Dev has made upstream code improvements... up until the time like recently when Snapshot changes break VH so i have no choice but to investigate & act.

  • @guigirl said in VivaldiHooks - more useful mods!:

    the main game of dragging threads OT.

    I can't believe it! You! No, that can't be true. b6823092-d108-420c-a092-9502f4d066ee-image.png

  • @hlehyaric Are you... wagging me, Thentuwion?

  • @guigirl Who? Me?

  • @guigirl said in VivaldiHooks - more useful mods!:

    that aforesaid diffing is tedious

    Why don't you just do a git pull and then apply the patch via the included sh script?

    Granted, the Linux script seems a bit basic (and possibly error prone) compared to the Windows version, but I'm sure some of the Linux gurus here can mock up a much better script in no time. That is, if you'd only stop bickering about which distro is the most l33test 😉
    (uh oh now I've done it... runs away)

  • @Pathduck said in VivaldiHooks - more useful mods!:

    just do a git pull and then apply the patch via the included sh script

    Sheeps bladders! Earthquakes!

    My instinctive retort to you is this: Coz i have two qualities that you don't: 1. Ignorance 2. Dopidity 5. Numeracy, oops.

    My more considered response is: not always, but often enough for it to matter, i make non-functional edits to some of the hooks via comments to document to myself stuff i've come to learn/understand about the hook. When i do those manual Kompare diffs, it's of course primarily to see if the code changed, but secondarily it's to spot any of my comments & decide if i need to retain, amend, or wipe them. Yes, i know; a normal person wouldn't do this. 🤦♀

    @Pathduck said in VivaldiHooks - more useful mods!:

    stop bickering about which distro is the most l33test

    I know, right? Those people are simply the worst!

  • @guigirl said in VivaldiHooks - more useful mods!:

    Yes, i know; a normal person wouldn't do this.

    You've got a point there 😂 👍

  • I just noticed on the github repo there was another update on 30/12 which I missed, new hooks and a general overhaul of the existing ones.

  • @iAN-CooG Why don’t you watch the repo?

  • @potmeklecbohdan I just missed to check it this week, but I regularly do. I thought it's nice to leave at least a reminder in here for those interested.

  • @iAN-CooG said in VivaldiHooks - more useful mods!:

    new hooks and a general overhaul


    However now you've created a moral dilemma for me. After not enjoying a succession of time-wasting Hooks breakages here for several Snapshots [blank window upon launch] over recent months i decided to go cold turkey on them. Now your info tempts me to visit the site & make a decision, about maybe using them again. I hope i can resist, coz otherwise i just know if i succumb, it'll be only a matter of time before another Snapshot again breaks one or more hooks such that i'll need to waste more time troubleshooting. For me, the hooks have been great, except when they're abruptly not.

    @potmeklecbohdan said in VivaldiHooks - more useful mods!:

    Why don’t you watch the repo?

    Um, coz then it'll never boil?

  • @iAN-CooG said in VivaldiHooks - more useful mods!:

    new hooks and a general overhaul of the existing ones.

    The temptation was too much for me.

    Aren't these simply just great!





  • @guigirl said in VivaldiHooks - more useful mods!:


    I didn’t know if there’s any use for it &/ how it would behave if used with vertical tabs, so I decided to leave it as is for now. Should I expand the functionality to vertical tabs?

  • @potmeklecbohdan Oh, haha, this was another of your bits of magic was it? Very nice work!

    For vert tabs most of those choices, as you already realised, are irrelevant. The one that would be fantastic, if it were to be doable, would be a variant of the Pinned Tabs Shrink.

    I disabled it months ago because it broke easy mouse-drag stacking, & also the overflow scrollbar, but for some months i did use this, because i really loved having my pinned tabs presented as little square icons arranged in rows [or a matrix] at the top of the tabs column, then with all the normal tabs below as usual.

    /* Make pinned tabs only show as icons */
    .tab-position {
        position: static !important;
        display: inline !important;
    .tab.pinned {
        background-color: var(--colorBg);
        display: table-cell;
    .tab.pinned .tab-header {
        padding: 6px;
    .tab.pinned .title, .tab.pinned .close {
        display: none;
    .newtab {
        top: inherit !important;
    } {
        border-top-width: 0px !important;
    .tab-group-indicator {
        position: static !important;
        display: flex !important;
    .tab-indicator {
        border-top-width: 1px !important;
        border-bottom-width: 1px !important;
        height: 5px !important;

    No pressure.

  • speeddial-downloads.js breaks Vivaldi 3.6.2165.3

  • @iAN-CooG And promptly fixed, thanks @den_po

  • Something seems to have gone awry with Hook window-panel-tab-switched-actions.js.

    Tbh i used to use this intensively when the artist previously garbed in orange & black first provided it, but it's been many months since i needed to use it in any serious day-to-day paradigm way, especially given the recent improvements in tab stack management for the tabs bar/column. Just now though i did try to use it, but was surprised by behaviour i don't recall from before, & which i tentatively suspect to be a bug / incompatibility with current Snapshot & Stable.

    Afaik atm it seems impossible to collapse any expanded tabstack in the WP now. They just bounce expanded again immediately. If the stack to be collapsed, has the focus, what i just wrote applies. Otoh, if i deliberately change focus to a different tab or stack, then attempt to collapse the [different to where i now am] target expanded stack by carefully clicking its parental little black down-arrow iconlet, afaik that used to work but not now. Now, incorrectly, a tab within that expanded stack takes focus, & its being focused ipso facto prevents the collapse, ie, the stack remains expanded. Afaik from "before", so long as i was very careful to accurately click the arrow, the collapse occurred & the focus was not stolen.

    I know that the standard WP context menu Collapse All still works properly, so wondered if i could edit this menu to insert a command to Collapse This Stack, no not that one, THIS one, & not all of them ether sheesh it's so hard to get good help these days innit, but disappointingly that's not available. In any event, needing to invoke the CM each time is less convenient than simply clicking the black arrow, as used to be possible iirc.

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