Issues after running CCleaner

  • Prior to the latest 2 Vivaldi upgrades everything was fine. Now, after using CCleaner to clean up my PC, pinned pages are gone and thumbnails for Speed Dial need to be reloaded again. Latter one is not such a big thing. But if the pinned pages are not bookmarked, one might lose important search related work. I hope Vivaldi could fix this issue. Thanks!

  • Isn't it CCleaner that is removing/'cleaning' Vivaldi files? I'm trying to understand how Vivaldi is supposed to 'fix' issues caused by what another program elects to do… :unsure:

  • Mhm, good point. In that case CCleaner must have changed things in the background. I was relating the issue to vivaldi, since I accepted the recent upgrades. Mind you, I am not an IT person. Thanks for the feedback!

  • It's also possible that something actually changed in the Vivaldi files after updating that now is triggering CCleaner to decide to 'clean' them by deletion. Either way, CCleaner is the program doing the cleaning, so even if Vivaldi has changed something in those files, CCleaner needs to update either their processing or their white-listing so as to leave the files alone. If this problem doesn't resolve itself, it might be wise to drop their support staff a descriptive message… ;)

  • Well, I've been using both Vivaldi and Ccleaner and I don't think that Ccleaner is the culprit. This issue has been there for a long time, it just started to get worse a couple of realeses ago, I think that there is something with Vivaldi that is causing this. It doesn't seem to affect other browers based on Cromium.

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