Photo Gallery Extension Please!!!

  • I've already spent 3 hours searching for any working Extension which would allow me to collect nice pictures I find on the web to my gallery (locally or at google photos). I don't want to share my pictures with all the world. I just want to have a nice [b]my own gallery of found pictures, animated gifs[/b] etc. In Opera there was the [b]Photo Tagger.[/b] It had its flaws but it worked. Why can't we have something like this in Vivaldi? Photo Tagger had been trusted by 4,5 million users - that's something. Here the GPTG liblairy extension is a poor try - with animated gifs not working and actualy no gallery. The Google Photos For Chrome is a piece of garbage that does nothing. And Image collector extension does not actually work. You see? We are left with nothing. So please think about incorporating the Photo Tagger functionality to Vivaldi.


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