Two annoying issues

  • With the latest versions of Vivaldi, every time I launch it, it ask me to access my data in the Keychain Access. I click on "Deny" but, after I quit Vivaldi and launch it again, it asks me for that data again. And again... And again... And again... It's rather annoying! When I say "Deny" that's exactly what I mean. And I hope Vivaldi remembers that the next time I launch it. But, unfortunately, it does not. Another annoying issue is the dropdown menu that shows when I want to clean the browser. Every time I do it, I have to check every single box: history, cookies, cache, downloads, etc., etc., etc. (I bet this "feature" was implemented by some bureaucrat that previously worked for the IRS... ) It would be nice if Vivaldi could remember the checked boxes, just like all the other Chromium-based browsers and Firefox do. Thanks.

  • I used to be annoyed by the keychain issue too, but as it turns out, it only refers to a single key in your login keychain, named “Chrome Safe Storage” whose contents appears to be an encryption key used to encrypt sensitive data like store passwords and the like. I think it is named that way because Vivaldi and Google Chrome share quite a bit of code. Anyhow, allowing access to this does not give Vivaldi access to anything other than this key. At worst, it will allow Vivaldi to decrypt data from your Google Chrome installation, if you do indeed have it installed. In summary, I don't hink allowing this access is harmful in any way.


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