Vivaldi freezing when watching youtube?

  • Hey, I recently decided to install Vivaldi to check if this was a browser i could enjoy using. So far the user experience have been great! But now i have noticed that it freezes a lot when i try to watch YouTube for example. (It looks like it buffers completely fine) I don't have this issue with Chrome, Firefox or Edge... Is this a common problem for Vivaldi? Is there a way to make the performance better/ fix the problem?

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    We need more information from you:

    • Vivaldi version
    • Windows version
    • URL in Youtube
    • Graphics card/GPUs and CPU?
    • Graphics card driver
    • Information with link vivaldi://gpu (are there some red/deactivated?)

  • Thanks for the respond!

    I downloaded Vivaldi 26th.Sep from so i think it's the latest version.
    90% off all the Youtube films are stuttering / freezing. my bandwidth is 100Mbps up and 50Mbps down so that shouldn't be the problem.
    I am using Windows 10 Home (updated regurarly wiith windows update)
    I got 2x GTX970's in SLI as my GPU's and an Intel Core I7-3820CPU 3.6GHz as my CPU
    I update my drivers all the time. Driver Version are:
    372.90 for my GPU's
    10.0.14393.0 for my CPU

    Pics of Vivaldi://gpu

    Any more info you need?


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