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  • I format my PC a LOT. sometimes twice a month, sometimes once, but usually I format at least 1 time each month. it's a pain to anybody having to pin everything again and all that. is there any way I can backup this? - bookmarks - the switches I made on the Options menu/vivaldi options (under vivaldi button > tools > options (wanna make a backup of all this options I switched on and off including themes, privacy options, etc)) - the sites I added to the speed dial is there any way I can backup this, even if it's by copying files on Vivaldi installation folder?

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  • ok thanks! I searched before posting this, but didn't showed anything related… I am new to the forum, so maybe I am searching on the wrong place?
    anyway, thanks for the answer!

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    There are two search buttons at the top of the forum. Use the one to the right of the forum rules. Limit your search to the Vivaldi Browser forums.



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