Google Slides Pritning

  • The printing software on Vivaldi is almost identical to that on Google Chrome, so I assume it is from Chromium (although I do not know, because I do not have Chromium). I thought it worked the same way and had all of the same capabilities. Apparently not, as I discovered recently while using Google Slides. It can print just about anything, but when I try to print Google Slides files, the preview shows the whole web page, instead of just the presentation, itself. On Google Chrome, however, I can print with not problem by just pressing Ctrl+P and clicking print. The preview shows up correctly. In order to print these presentations correctly on Vivaldi, I am forced to download a pdf and then print it, which is extremely annoying. It works just fine for Google Docs; it just can't seem to work with the slides files. Pleeeeeease fix this, as I do not want to have to either download a pdf or open Google Chrome just to print a slides file which I have been working on in Vivaldi. I have attached screenshots of each. Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]


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