Can I add a colon (':') to the list of word delimiters?

  • :S I do a LOT of MediaWiki editing, and I am finding an annoying "feature". In Firefox, I can double click on 'Person' in the following string: Person:FAWCETT, Washington R. (1891 - 1918) and just the word "Person" will be selected. In Vivaldi, as well as in Google Chrome, I do the same thing and the string 'Person:FAWCETT" is selected. Evidently a comma is in the list of word delimiters, a colon is not. Is it possible to configure the list of delimiters? If not, could this addition (of a colon) be considered for a future release? NOTE This question has been taken from the Google Chrome help forum and re-edited to fit Vivaldi, as it addresses exactly the same issue. The original posting has remained unanswered for almost 6 years. Google Chrome has the same behavior. Platform: CentOS 7.2 Linux vivaldi-stable-1.4.589.29-1.x86_64 Other than that: VIVALDI ROCKS ! Quick, intuitive use, nice UX. You got a Vivaldi evangelist here.

  • I suspect that it would be possible to go around this issue by writing a Tampermonkey script that catches the double click event and decides what to do depending on context.


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