Will not uninstall; side-by-side incorrect

  • I would appreciate any insight you can give me about this problem. Earlier in the month, I updated Vivaldi to version 1.4. I have stopped using Vivaldi as my main browser for the last few weeks, because of some previous problems, but at the time of the update and immediately following, it seemed to work fine. However, when I tried to open it several days ago, I got this notice: [b]The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect...[/b] I tried to uninstall it, but was told it couldn't be uninstalled and maybe it was already uninstalled. Previously, when I looked in the application folder, there always seemed to be two versions. However, there is now only 1.3.551.38 -- no trace of version 1.4. Any help? Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1


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