Bug in favorites bar

  • When there is marked page inside a paste on the favotire bar (like in image), and if I click with the right button, it opens the page, not open the context menu (like delete, edit, open in another tab, etc.) , that work when going to makers page in the Speed Dial. Is this happening just for me or is it a knowed bug? I am new here, and sorry for my English. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/86743/SemTítulo-1.jpg[/img]

  • It's not really a bug, the Bookmarks Bar does not have a context menu yet inside folders, only on the root folders.

    There are still quite a lot of missing features in Vivaldi, but they are getting there. Several users requested a bookmarks button too so that the bookmarks bar can be hidden. See item number 27 in the Feature Requests thread.

    Use the Bookmarks Panel for now.

    There are local forums here where you can post in your own language. This forum is in English.

  • Thanks for the help.

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