A look into Ungoogled Chromium? A Google Chromium variant source for removing Google integration

  • Ungooggled Chromium is an open source project that tries to disable Chromium dependency on google binaries completely. They claim that even when Chromium is compiled from the source, it does use pre-built binaries provided by google. So if we were to make Vivaldi more secure and private without any communication with google. May be the devs can take a look at this and implement them? Sorry if these have been cleaned up before vivaldi is compiled from Chromium. https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium From Github: [quote]A Google Chromium variant for removing Google integration and enhancing privacy, control, and transparency A number of features or background services communicate with Google servers despite the absence of an associated Google account or compiled-in Google API keys. Furthermore, the normal build process for Chromium involves running Google's own high-level commands that invoke many scripts and utilities, some of which download and use pre-built binaries provided by Google. Even the final build output includes some pre-built binaries. Fortunately, the source code is available for everything. ungoogled-chromium is a set of configuration flags, patches, and custom scripts. These components altogether strive to accomplish the following: -Disable or remove offending services and features that communicate with Google or weaken privacy -Strip binaries from the source tree, and use those provided by the system or build them from source -Add, modify, or disable features that inhibit control and transparency (these changes are minor and do not have significant impacts on the general user experience)[/quote]

  • Unfortunately, it's not really possible to 'un-Google' Chromium. Every project that utilises Chromium is dependent on Google to a non-trivial extent.

  • I think that ungoogled-chromium project is redundant attempt. Almost all target features can be gain by other means already.
    And isn't it pre build binary use only effect Windows and Mac? Noticeable for uneasy to turn off auto update feature (which so I hate).
    The rest anything to do with Google only like home call, safe browsing list, fallback DNS, or extension block on any Google services. All of these in the source it self.

    Far more easier/powerful to just network block these:


    Which in turn, may break 60%~70 of webpage.

  • @Nirose Yeah, it would be nice--all other things being equal. I can't imagine Vivaldi wants to be reliant on this group to update though. But something needs to be done.

  • @dLeon So do I understand from these posts that using Vivaldi still means that Google has access to my browsing habits and thus can sell the information to advertisers or other sources?

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    @David_Allen: Absolutely not. Vivaldi does not "phone home" to Google or anyone (It does send two kinds of anonymous usage statistics to Vivaldi if I understand correctly - which version is installed, and what features are activated. Again, anonymous). Cookies and site-tracking, neither of which are done by the browser, are your greatest privacy issues.

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