Vivaldi Community doesn't work on Vivaldi 1.4.589.29

  • This is a bit ironic to say the least, but on the current Vivaldi 1.4.589.29 (running on Windows 7 x64, no extensions), I'm neither able to register an account with, nor log in to this Vivaldi Community site. In the registration overlay, after filling in all the information, solving the Recaptcha and clicking the blue Register button, nothing happens. I've tried several times, reloading the page in between, but there was no response whatsoever. I used Chrome to register to the site using the exact same information, and it worked fine. Now having my account activated and posted to the forums through Chrome, I tried to go back to Vivaldi and log in to the site using my now-working account. However, when I fill in my login details in the fields at the top of the page and click Login, nothing happens. Likewise, if I use the "Log in" link in the top menu bar and enter my login information there, I just get sent back to the login page. It don't seem to be able to access this site using Vivaldi at all at the moment. I assume that not everybody is encountering this problem, because I'd expect there to be someone else at least reporting it, but I couldn't find anything. Or maybe everyone is just still logged in through cookies?

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    Since it's "just you" who is having the problem, refresh your profile and see what happens.

  • It worked, thank you! Posting from Vivaldi now.

    I assume it's not worth trying to figure out what was the cause? This is a pretty vanilla installation of Vivaldi, I changed maybe 2-3 UI settings and added a handful of bookmarks, otherwise it's directly as out of the installer. I've also used accounts on other sites with it and never had a problem, it was only this site. It's strange because the data seems to actually have been submitted on the log-in screen, it just redirected me back to the same page, and without showing an error message from the site either.

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    It will forever be a mystery.


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