Increase width of tabs?

  • Is there a way to increase the default width of tabs? In Opera 12 I used to have wider tabs (via some tweak to a configuration file?) and it was nice to be able to read more of the page title. If it's not currently possible, is it on the Vivaldi wish list? It seems too many of the admins of the sites I visit don't grasp the usefulness of concise web page titles. e.g. The page I'm using now in this forum has a title "New Topic - Vivaldi Forum" which is perfect. Other forums might have the web page title (which displays in the tab) something like "Vivaldi Community - Forum - New Topic - Vivaldi Browser - Vivaldi browser for Windows - New Topic" so that the relevant part is usually not visible on a narrow (i.e. normal size) tab.

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    Since tab titles can be, and often are, very long, you would have to increase the tab width to the full width of the tab bar to be sure to fit them all.

    If you place the tabs at left or right, the tabs can be resized, but not enough to be any help.

    If you turn off Tab Thumbnails, Vivaldi will show the full title in a tooltip when you hover the tab.


    This is not yet as legible as in Opera 12.17, where long titles are wrapped to multiple lines and the toolbar font and font size can be chosen in Preferences, Advanced, Fonts, Browser Toolbars (and for Browser Tooltips).


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