Problem with iChrome (Bug?)

  • [url=]iChrome[/url] is a extension that replaces my new tab page. By default it only worked the first time I did it. I have both my home page and new tab page set to vivaldi://newtab which I would think would open the page but it doesn't as shown in the first attachment. However if I put the cursor in the URL box and hit enter it than brings up the page as shown in the second attachment. It will only have the sired effect (replacing the page to be custom) if I put the cursor in the box and hit enter, hitting f5 or any other method to reload the page doesn't have the desired results. Note: Images resized to be smaller so the file size would be smaller. Note 2: Couldn't attach so here is a [url=]Google Photos Album[/url] with the 2 images: Note that the custom one is meant to be image 2


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