Vivaldi on Chromebooks…

  • Is this possible? I know you can dual boot Ubuntu on them, and with that you could install Vivaldi. Is there a way to install only Vivaldi? Would it even work as an OS?

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    Last I knew Google only permitted Chrome on Chromebooks.

  • Not sure if its permitted or not either, or if Google has an opinion, but it sounds simple enough to do:

    The article mentions a ChromiumOS. That might open the door to Vivaldi as the OS on a Chromebook.

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    The Chrome OS (first cousin to the Android OS) is Linux-based. Hence, Linux should be able to be installed on a Chromebook, naturally.

    But within the Chrome OS itself, only Google-Hosted apps can be installed, and everything is designed to be run in the cloud as much as possible, hence the notoriously thin and weak hardware resources on the machine itself, and hence the dirt cheap prices at which they are available.

  • True. If only it ran Vivaldi instead of Chrome, I would love it. Since they're both Chromium based, I wonder if its possible. Maybe Vivaldi just needs an installer script.

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    Since Google doesn't host Vivaldi, that would be a no-go. ChromeOS is a walled garden.

    Perhaps you should look into the Remix Mini or Remix Utratablet. When Vivaldi comes to Android, they will be able to run Vivaldi.

  • you need to install regular Linux on the chromebook first and then Vivaldi

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