Linux Integration of Vivaldi

  • So I recently set up my computer to dual-boot between Windows 10 and Linux Mint Cinnamon 18(Sarah), and Vivaldi it pretty nice, but there are some things that don't integrate well with Linux that I'd like to see if it's fixable in CSS. I have Native Window on so that I can use the Mint-Y theme's window control buttons. For some reason, Vivaldi has a gradient going down to the bottom of the background behind tabs. Anyone know how to get rid of this gradient so it's a solid color like all of Mint-Y's application windows? The scrollbar seems to be a W10 scrollbar, instead of using Mint-Y's scrollbar theme(or if that's considered GTK, I don't know). How do I get it to look like my system's theme scrollbar? Vivaldi on Linux also doesn't seem to respect my use of the mouse cursor theme. I use DMZ-black, and the Vivaldi window changes it to white. How can I get Vivaldi to use my DMZ-black theme? Other than those things, Vivaldi on Linux seems to be working well!

  • does vivaldi need to access cinnamon-settings to incorporate system themes? in Linux my cursor theme can invert color against some backgrounds to add contrast.

  • Hmm, not sure how to even check that. How do I find out?

  • only people with access to source code could tell if vivaldi integrates with cinnamon-settings. can tell you how programs and cursors effect each other, as far as cinnamon-settings works. you can try and test from front end by testing how cursor interacts with other programs, and moving cursor to desktop/panel/program window. contrast occurs as cursor passes in front of colors contrasting with the main cursor color. if contrast is the issue, might be different with different vivaldi/cinnamon themes. or linuxmint #help IRC may be a better source of information on this.


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