Open "New Private Window" from Private Window

  • Perhaps my memory of what used to be is at fault but I remember when right clicking a link in a Private Window and opening it in a New Window I would get a Private Window by default. Now when I do the same I get a regular window... Definitely should be able to open a link in a New Private Window in my opinion. Perhaps I have missed something ??

  • In the context menu Private Window is "incognito window".
    When already in a Private window, it is greyed out and "open in new window" does open in a Private Window.

  • I probably understood what's the problem, the new incognito window doesn't show the key on url bar like in the parent incognito/private window where the link was opened from.
    I never use them but I can see how it is confusing, like it is confusing calling it in one menu private and in another incognito.

  • Exactly….

    If there is no indication that the new window is Private, to me, it is not.
    There should be some kind of visual indicator (the Key for instance) to let users know what type of browsing window is open.


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