Autohide adress bar

  • Hi. [spoiler]#panels-container { position: fixed; height: 100%; max-width: 0vw; opacity: 0; z-index: 1; transition: max-width .5s cubic-bezier(0.18, 0.89, 0.32, 1.28), opacity .2s linear .2s; } #panels-container:hover { max-width: 99vw; opacity: 1; transition-delay: 0s; } .toolbar-addressbar { visibility: hidden; position: fixed; width: 100%; opacity: 0; z-index: 2; transition: opacity .3s linear .7s, visibility 0s linear 1s; } #header:hover ~ #main .toolbar-addressbar, .toolbar-addressbar:hover { visibility: visible; opacity: 1; transition-delay: 0s; }[/spoiler] I want the adress bar appears at the bottom when you hover the mouse over the status bar. Please help

  • Weird issue the bar appears to be transparent:

    That's unfrotunate.

    Also, any idea how to make it always appear when empty page/speeddial?

  • This is a great way to clean up the screen real estate, thanks!
    However, there is one unfortunate downside - now I can't just open a new tab and start typing the address/google search term since the address bar is hidden and not functional. I have to move the mouse to the top to open it and only then I'm able to use the address bar for address/search. Same thing with Ctrl-L shortcut to move the cursor to the address bar - I can't do that since it's not functional when hidden.
    Is there a way to fix it? Either make the search bar appear back when the cursor is moved there (new tab/Ctrl-L shortcut), or at least make it functional when it's hidden (so that Ctrl-L would still move the cursor there even if I don't see any typing).

  • @keks777 Thanks for the code, auto-hiding panel bar is a great improvement. However, for some unknown reason, on my computer the hidden address bar leaves some white space that the page itself cannot use, so there is no real space gain in my case. Any idea why it doesn't work like on your gif? I have had to remove all "!" from your code because nothing was working with them; is it related?

    @eugenesv This would be awesome indeed. These are the things that have kept me from using an auto-hiding address bar so far.


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