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  • Hello guys, i want some help with the Vivaldi button. I want to move it next to the adblock extension where i made some space. Also i made the button to change color according to website so is there a way to add a black or white border around 'V' to make it visible? Any help is highly appreciated! :whistle: [img][/img]

  • Hello there,

    First post here, this has been years since I last posted anything on any site at all, but given this was asked today I figured I'd +1 myself in… I'd like that too, with a view to getting rid of the whole space above the address bar altogether. I've selected "Native Window" in Vivaldi settings so the V button is really all that's left up there. I use an extension called maximus (Linux desktop) which hides the system window panels when in full screen mode, and those few unused pixels above bug me a bit. [Running Manjaro with Cinnamon]

    [slightly off topic]
    I was wondering whether that might be conceivable to include some sort of editing mode in which you could drap & drop stuff around ? Same thing as what's already in the options menu, only a tad bit more intuitive, and would let you know directly what can be moved (and where) and what can't (Vivaldi button…). Sure, getting to know the possibilities in the settings menu is good, but you know, the faster the better.
    A minor pet peeve really, but since this is supposed to be the über customizable browser I guess the devs might not mind taking a look. Could be way too fat to implement, sorry if that was a ludicrous suggestion, I'm no dev at all.
    [/slightly off topic]

    Loving Vivaldi so far btw 🙂

  • Working on my new modpack. Will be released soon.


  • @den_po:

    Working on my new modpack. Will be released soon.

    Yeah that would be great! Post here when it's ready or send us a PM. :woohoo:

  • den_po .js mods are epic, I'm using the bookmarks dropdown one myself, and now the menu one too 🙂


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