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  • Bonjour, quand j'ai installer Vivaldi, un icone était dans la barre des taches de windows avec les différentes appli installer etc ... mais je l'ai malencontreusement supprimer !! comment puis-je le réactiver ??

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    when I install Vivaldi, was an icon in the taskbar windows spots with different app install etc … but I accidentally deleted !! how do I reactivate it ??

    Browse to where vivaldi.exe is located, right-click on it, and pin it to the task bar or start menu.


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  • For that very reason, I keep a single folder on my desktop containing shortcuts to each taskbar app. On the occasions when I accidentally delete a taskbar icon, I simply click the folder and drag a new copy of the app to the taskbar. Using a single folder keeps my desktop free of apps icon clutter, and works faster than retrieval from the Start Programs listings or a Windows Search.


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