• I have recently install the Vivaldi browser and it seems to work well and be very fast. I was using Opera but it had one thing I really didn't like. I could not start two or three separate instances of the program. It would only add tabs to the current program which made me crazy because I would instinctively close the "X" on the window and close the entire program losing all my tabs. Vivaldi has no issues with opening several instances at a time. The one thing I really miss from the Opera browser is the Google search box located on the home page. This was so handy and eliminated the second click I have to do to search with Google. Does Vivaldi have anyway to add this function to the home page? I don't what to loss the Speed Dial page as the home screen, I just want the Google Search box located on it.

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    There's no such option in Vivaldi at this time. Perhaps some Speed Dial extension(s) might incorporate the feature.

    But it's kind of funny. So many users (myself included) complained for so long that they couldn't remove that Google search box from the Opera speed dial, that an option to get rid of it was finally introduced.

    All that said, I'm not sure what "second click" you need to perform to search Google. Simply set your default search engine as Google, and click in the addressbar or the search bar when you open the StartPage (speed Dial). Or better still, click on nothing and simply start typing. When you press "Enter," the browser will search what you have typed.

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    I'm not sure but Google bar in Opera's Speed Dial is partnership. If you are using Google as main search provider you don't have to do a "second click". Simply open a tab and type what you want (I know search suggestions don't work at the moment). If your main search provider is not Google and you want keep Google on your hand, open a tab:
    1- type g
    2-leave a space
    3-type what you want to search
    Ex: if you want to search Vivaldi on Google you should type "g vivaldi" (without ")
    Opera has this feature since Presto engine. That's why I complained about Google search box in SD because it was useless.


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