Full screen mode not available

  • After I have newly set up my computer, I have in Vivaldi on YouTube when switching to full-screen mode below left constantly the note "Full screen mode not available". But the full-screen mode works and with a left click of the note is gone, but it sucks. I have disabled all extensions and settings looked in the Vivaldi, but found nothing. Who know what to do?

  • Moderator

    You didn't tell us anything about your system or your version of Vivaldi.

  • Maybe the extension recommended in this thread will help.

  • System: Windows 10 x64 Anniversary Update (1607, 14393.187)
    Vivaldi: 1.4.589.29
    Extensions: WOT, Ghostery, Adblock, Magic Actions for Youtube

  • It seems to be a bug. I have noticed, that the note appears only, when i set the standard website zoom to 120% (Tools –> Preferences --> Websites --> Standard Website Zoom). When the zoom is set back to 100%, the note did not appear in fullscreen mode. I have reported it.


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