How to increase font size(just) in bookmarks bar?

  • 🙂 Hello everyone. what i felt should be a very simple problem turned in to something quite difficult>? Even with glasses my eyesight is not the best but I can control most things on screen but what I would love to alter is the size of the fonts on the bookmarks bar(simply) not through the windows display settings that does not work. *FIREFOX has a very neat extension IE [b]"Theme & font Changer" superb![/b] does [b]vivaldi/chrome[/b] have anything similar which is not over complicated to do I have serched long and hard both in chrome store and online but no joy.. many thanks Steve 🙂

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    At the moment, all you can do without any hacks is to increase the Interface scaling in Settings, Appearance. That will increase the size of all elements.

    There's a customising thread if you don't mind tinkering with CSS files.

  • Hello Pesala
    good of you to reply, much appreciated,You would have thought by now Chrome would have come up with a very simple solution to this issue,I have tried changing windows 10 display settings/Font sizes e.t.c but it does not increase the bookmarks bar font size as far as I can see?
    certainly have not got a clue how to mess with CSS files ever when folk try to explain how it all works

    Regards Steve

  • As we don't have that level of element control (yet), maybe an "off the wall" workaround might help.

    Maybe you could manage by using the Bookmarks panel instead of Bookmark Bar?
    Or maybe you could specify EVERY bookmark folder as a Speeddial folder, then use Speed dial page (new tab) instead of bookmarks bar?

  • 🙂 Good day-TbGbe

    Many thanks for your reply, very helpful.I did my self think I might use a speed dial instead but found I couold not import the HTMLBOOKMARKS FILE?

    please can you or someone else explain to me how to say use one of the Chrome Speed Dials and easily import from HTML Bookmarks file

    Not very good at techy stuff

    all the best Steve

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    Import Bookmarks is on the File menu. Choose the Import from HTML file option and browse to select the file.


    They will be imported into a folder in your bookmarks panel. Right-click and enable it as a Speed Dial folder.



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