Pocket Extension

  • Does anybody has the same problem as me? The Save to Pocket Extension does not work. Vivaldi 1.5.609.8 (Developer Build) (64-bit)

  • Working for me. I'm running Save to Pocket 2.1.3. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the extension?

  • I tried it many times… It doesn't work.
    I'm on a Mac with MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 beta, maybe that is the problem...

  • I too are having issues with the extension. What I found out is that when you go to the extensions options there is a "click here to login". You click it and nothing happens. However, I'm able to log into the getpocket.com without issues. There is some kinda of disconnect there and not allow the extension to register that you are logged in. In that case you can't save any pages to it if you aren't logged in. Make sense. This problem showed up in the latest snapshot. 1.5.609.8 running Pocket 2.1.3.


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