[1.5.609.8 x64] - Incognito window stops working randomly (every tab cannot load website)

  • Hello I have two windows: normal + incognito I browse in Incognito one and after some time it just suddenly stoped to work... [b]Sites just don't load in every tab [/b]after clicking link / entering URL in omnibox [b]But normal window still works correctly[/b]! So... I just had restarted the Incognito window and it looked like everything got back to normal... for about 15 minutes It happend about 4x today... (2x on Tripadvisor) [strike]!@!#$@%$^%$&%^&**^Z.........[/strike] 2x just before problem happened the popup appeared [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZpsS1SW.png[/img] hmmm.... Sounds like some kind of extension? Anyone else had this problem? Regards P. PS. Yup... seems to be an extension [code]mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai[/code] Chrome PDF plugin?.... :blink: PPS. And agaaaaain.... Opening Tripadvisor links is like playing russian roulette... :pinch:


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