A Couple of Features To Make This Perfect

  • When tabs are set to be on the bottom, they are underneath the status bar, which I would normally have disabled (even though I'm loving the page actions), but I cant use Ctrl with + and - to zoom in and out. This annoys me slightly because I like the tab color feature. Also I noticed that if the settings window is the last window closed, and you set Vivaldi to continue from last time, a settings window would be the only window that shows when Vivaldi is reopened. A built in torrent client would be nice, along with a resizeable search bar. Finally, an option to make the nav bar at the top show the page name (like some mobile browsers) and make rest of the top bar squeeze into that space above to maximize content real estate. Edit: Open in a new tab and search selected text should place the new tab right next to the old one.

  • zoom works perfectly using + and - without Ctrl

  • Thanks: I can now only zoom in from my number pad, the zoom in button next to the back space key won't zoom in (I also tried shift +)

  • interestingly enough I can zoom with both + and - keys.
    this makes me pretty sure it's a TP1 glitch that will be fixed soon.


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