Clear a cache

  • How to clear a cache in Vivaldi?

  • Well, as long as no other solution is available, just go to the folder »vivaldi/profile/default/cache« and delete the files.

  • In case anyone else finds this thread like I did, here's the better solution.
    Go to History > Clear Browsing Data

  • @vladdsp:

    How to clear a cache in Vivaldi?

    Copy this in the url bar: vivaldi://chrome/settings/clearBrowserData

    Select from the beginning of time in the dropdownlist, select what you want to delete

  • It would be nice to see an option to set cache limits or no cache. While the suggestions here work it's a tad strange to me that with the focus of Vivaldi being for power users there are a lot of power user options missing from the browser. I know when I'm doing web development caching is the devil when you want to see changes and it keeps pulling old crap from the cache.

  • @nphyn1t3 There's an option in Settings, Privacy to set the limits to remember browsing history. Is that any help?

  • clear private data is available as a key shortcut, ctrl-shift-del here, if that's not enough, add to your vivaldi link
    I once forgot this in my desktop shortcut and noticed the cache was pratically never used anymore.


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