Spontanous shut down

  • The browser shuts down spontaneously sometimes and doesn't start again unless I reboot or reinstall it. Any known issues? I use WinXP.

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    Windows XP is no longer supported. I am surprised that you can get it to run at all.

    Which version are you using?

  • 1.0.435.46 () (32-bit)

    When I installed it, it said WinXP was supported. If not I will look for another browser…

  • That version did support WinXP, but has since been replaced by quite a number of both Stable and Snapshot version updates that still supported XP. Unfortunately, the more recent Vivaldi versions no longer support XP since the underlying chromium engine no longer does so.

    Does your current Vivaldi installation have any extensions that you've added?

    Has Vivaldi always shown the sudden shutdown problem or is this something that has only recently begun occurring? If it's always done it, it might be one of the many bugs that have been killed off since then. If it just started doing it, it may be possible to fix it by trying one of several things that eliminate saved data that has possibly become corrupted:

    Also, when Vivaldi spontaneously 'shuts down', make sure there isn't one of its several processes still running in the background (use Windows Task Manager to check and kill it if it is still present). An unexpected shutdown that leaves one of the processes still running will block the program from restarting until that remaining process is manually shut down or via rebooting.

  • I dont have any extensions installed.

    The shut down happened from the beginning (since installation 1 month ago) and happened 3 times so far. That shut down doesnt leave any process running as I made sure each time. I will try to delete the topsite file and see what happens. By the way, how to turn updates on and off?

  • 'Updating' should only notify you with an offer to update to the newest version; it does not currently 'auto-update' without user action. I'm personally unaware of any mechanism for blocking that notification, beyond simply closing the update window each time it appears (typically upon browser start-up).

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    Pretty sure there's a "skip this version" checkbox on the notifier, so a user would only have to check that box once a week or so, when a new version is released.

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