I have some questions, a couple of suggestions….

  • Here are some suggestions, or fixes that I have run into and put into my nifty notes panel every so often... This goes pretty far back so if its already changed or fixed, great! Here goes... Vivaldi Notes - drag and drop windows (you're working on it, but REALLY IMPORTANT) - add space above or between tabs to drag window (there's not enough space to drag the window if the space right of the tabs go off the screen somehow...) (try dragging the window so the [+] is near the right edge, then make a new tab. Re-positioning is almost impossible now) - save passwords or autofill in web panel. - After opening drop down from a bookmark bar folder, others should show their drop down contents when hovered over. (like in chrome) - Have an option to remove the "Add Active Tab" in the bookmarks drop down. (or place it at the bottom of the list) - Context menu (RMB) for bookmark bar folders. (like to edit or delete in chrome) - Move multiple tabs or tab stacks to other windows - Keyboard shortcuts for page actions! (especially readability) - Rearrange bookmarks in bookmark bar drop downs Overall, I really love this browser and am excited to see what it will become. Thanks!

  • 1. See item number 9 in the Feature Requests thread.

    2. Windows key + Up cursor will maximise the window

  • yes, but I shouldn't have to maximize the window and then drag it to where I want it to be just to be able to move my browser window again…


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