Vivaldi hibernated tabs are redrawn using the browser cache.

  • I to use 'Hibernate Background Tabs' a lot, cuz I use Stacked Tabs a lot and is the single most useful feature for me. The problem is when I click on a hibernated tab (or stacked tab) it seems Vivaldi is checking the browser cache to redraw the page, you really do need to grab [b]everything [/b]from the network please. This is a serious problem if the page has been designed to auto-update, if the user is not aware Vivaldi is using cached assets they will be mislead into believing what they are seeing/reading is the latest for that site. I assume any site that auto-updates their page (by using a script) will have this problem in Vivaldi. A big problem if the user has a dashboard open in the background and chooses to hibernate background tabs when using something like CodePen or any resource hungry site. Please add an option to [b]force[/b] Vivaldi to download all tab/page assets from the network and not use the cache. TVM

  • Thanks, but I'm not really a solution. Just a work around for a problem with how Vivaldi handles hibernated tabs.

    The problem is with Vivaldi Hibernate, they need to ensure when a tab exits hibernation the download everything from the network and replace the cache.

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