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  • I think good option is Save and quit when closing more than 1 tab. something like on this image [img size=421][/img]

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    See the Startup options in Settings.


  • but sometimes I don't want to save tabs only quit webbrowser

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    Then right-click on a tab, and close all other tabs before quitting. Nine times out of ten, I want to reload the same tabs. For the rare occasions when I have loads of tabs open that I don't want to reload, holding down Ctrl W is good enough for me. With dozens of tabs, it's quicker to use the right-click menu route, then maybe Ctrl W for the last tab.

  • It's not comfortable but I will try

  • You can alternatively save your open tabs as session before quitting. On restart you can open any saved session.

  • @luetage:

    You can alternatively save your open tabs as session before quitting. On restart you can open any saved session.

    but when I unfortunately click exit I don't have any warning for closing more than one tab + browser not reminds me about saved sesion.

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    The problem with the Save and Quit dialogue is that is shows up every time that you close Firefox. The reason for the "Do not ask next time" checkbox is that most experienced users will just turn off this option, which is like we have now in Vivaldi.

    I am not in favour of these hand-holding options. Some users requested a warning when clicking on the X icon to close Vivaldi, because they lost work sometimes. The only time I would want a warning is when a download is in progress. Sometimes, a large download can take so long that you forget it's running. If I click the X then I intend to close the browser, so why would I want to be asked if I want to close the browser?

    One can always argue, "What harm is there in having an option, if you can turn it off if you don't want it?" True, there is not much harm in it, but then there's not much benefit in having it if most users are just going to disable it.

    If you usually want to start with a clean slate, then use the start with home page, start page, or specific pages options. If you usually want to resume from last time then use the "Last session," option.

    When you want to do something different from what you usually do, then close all unwanted tabs before quitting, or close them all after starting from the last session.

  • By "most users are just going to disable it", do you mean you? I doubt I'm "most users", but then "most users" just use whatever browser came on their computer in the first place. Personally, I've always appreciated a shutdown dialogue…

  • Thats why firefox have message "do not ask next time", becouse some people love this and some hate this, I think better customization is better for users.

  • any chance to see this in the Vivialdi?


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