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  • I have a tab with a chat, I open another tab to see a video. While I'm seeing the video, someone talks to me, i go back to previous tab...but i cannot chat while seeing the video unless I open another window and copy-paste same video web-address there. But If tab were allowed to be dragged out of window with the meaning of creating a new window by moving the tab there all would be perfect.

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    Drag tab to new window is being worked on. It's being tested in the internal developer versions. In the meantime, you can right-click on any tab and select "Move to new Window."

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    Drag the tab from the Site Info icon in the address field and drop it onto the Web Panel + button to add it as a web panel. Enlarge the panel if you want to watch the video while continuing to chat or browse in other tabs. The video can be watched in fullscreen to use the whole panel. When you have watched the movie, just right-click its icon in the panel toolbar and remove it.


  • I see it has been added and released on this new version, grats!

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