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  • I need to edit the URL of one of my existing bookmarks in the bookmark bar, but right clicking the bookmark doesn't provide that option. In the attached image, I want to update the URL of the 'current' bookmark. [attachment=4532]viv.edit.bookmark.in.bar.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/86185/viv.edit.bookmark.in.bar.png[/img]

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    The code for the Bookmark Bar is incomplete right now. At this time, it's best to edit using the bookmark panel instead.

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    I only noticed that I cannot edit bookmarks that are not visible, (More bookmarks double arrow) that don't fit on the bookmark bar on top.
    This is obviously a glitch, but you can still edit all bookmarks by pressing F6.
    All other web-browsers allow you to move around or edit all bookmarks anywhere.

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    @Dietrich That is a internally known, unfixed bug.

  • @gwen-dragon I would like to add to the ability to edit bookmarks in the bookmark bar directly and not have to deal with the panel.

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    @eddie999 Everyone would like that. However, since it's a TON of code to write and there are two other places to do it, and there are major features in progress, there's no spare manpower for it, and it's not a very high priority.

  • I think the only way you can delete, edit name(not address), or move a bookmark is to go into Manage Bookmarks or Bookmarks manager. To edit a bookmark address, open the bookmarked page and click on the Add Bookmarks in the address bar and edit the name or address that way. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I know it's a pain because most browsers enable you to edit, move, or delete bookmarks directly from the bookmarks menu by simply right-clicking on it.

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    @seeley You can do it in the Bookmark Panel (as I do) or the Bookmark Manager - the page that opens from the Speed Dial nav bar or by using Ctrl+B

    You can drag the current page (using the security badge) into whatever folder you like in the panel, and re-name it at the same time.

  • @ayespy OK. Thanks so much.

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