Problems with LinkedIn

  • Hi, I'm having trouble using the LinkedIn website with Vivaldi (I'm currently running 1.5.609.8, 32 bit). There's a section with jobs, any listing I click just opens a new tab and nothing happens. My workaround browser at the moment is Edge, where the new tab properly loads the job listing. Disabled all plugins (ABP, RES, Keep), but it doesn't seem to help. Does anyone else also encounter this? Otherwise it's probably something with my setup, I guess. Steps to reproduce: Log into LinkedIn, open the Jobs section from the top bar, try to open any ad.

  • Confirmed
    Have You reported it?

  • Thanks for the confirmation, now I don't need to bother tinkering with my Vivaldi install to fix it. Yea, reported it.

  • It happens with other links in LinkedIn too…

  • I have the same problem with LinkedIn.

    A workaround until a solution is found, is to rightclick links and select "open in new tab" 😉



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