What is Align Next Close Button

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    Please, I want to ask. :unsure: I do not know exactly, and I still have not found what actually adjusts this setting: Align Next Close Button :oops: The explanation for this setting is: Align the close buttons to easily close multiple tabs But really I do not understand. Can you show me or explain the function. :blink: Thanks 🙂

  • If you use the close button to close multiple tabs, clicking close on the first tab closes it. If you have align next close button enabled, and you don't move the mouse, the close button of the next tab will be directly under your cursor. If you don't have this option enabled your mouse cursor will likely be in the middle of a tab and you have to move the mouse to close the next tab. It's an option to make closing tabs more comfortable.

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    I still do not, either do not know exactly what you mean, and it is needed the Turn off the browser changes to take effect, or do not know. Click once because the function Align Next Close Button, and then without, but do not see any change. Can you please do a couple different screenshots show what it is that I know what to pay attention. Well thank you

  • You don't need to restart browser, the effect is immediately in place. Just test it out yourself.

    Check align close button, open 10 new tabs, then close them one after the other starting with a tab in the middle. The next close button will always be under your cursor.

    After that untick align close button, open 10 new tabs and close them likewise, starting with one in the middle again. The close button won't be under your cursor after you close the first tab.

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    I finally understand. Very interesting. I used to but I did not know about it. Thank you very much for the explanation 🙂


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