1.4 stable Widevine (netflix amazon, and hulu don't play)

  • I really hate to bring this up but last Friday I had to do full reinstall of OS. (Win10) Anyway after setting everything back I reinstalled Vivaldi 1.4 on the admin account. Setup all users. Everything seems to install correctly. With the exception that Netfix and amazon are complaining about Widevine again and Hulu plays the commercials then just spins on program. Amazon does play the trailers for movies. Everything used to work with 1.4 and used the same install procedure. Widevine shows version the Widevine folder is in proper place. c:/users/myuser/appdata/local/vivaldi/user data Any kind of fix for this?

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    You can do it manually, but if you just wait a few minutes (less than a half hour) the browser should "update" (finish installing) Widevine.

    If you can't wait, go to vivaldi://components and find Widevine and click the "update" button.

  • Its been some time now and Widevine is still showing up as version Widevine Clicking on the check update comes back with "Status - Component not updated" So I assume that is the most current version, or is it? If it hadn't been updated on its own shouldn't it be showing the as version number.

  • Moderator is the most recent overall version. Sorry for putting you on a wild goose chase. I mis-remembered when the repair was rolled out, that being in the first Vivaldi 1.5 snapshot. So, of course, it should also be working in the newest snapshot. Snapshots are at the Blog: https://vivaldi.net/en-US/

    So if you really need Widevine right now, you should install the 1.5 snapshot.

  • I figured it out. :cheer:

    Since Vivaldi 1.4 was working before my crash I thought I would experiment some more to get it working. I installed another copy of 1.4 in standalone mode. This copy wouldn't even start. Just got "This application failed to start" some big x0000002 error code.

    Well gee that got me thinking! Eventually looked into Webroot and sure enough the main vivaldi installed app was listed in Application protection as protected. The standalone version got a file vivaldi_elf.dll as deny.

    More importantly the installed vivaldi the widevinecdmadapter.dll in the user data folder was also listed as deny! Changed it to allow and Vivaldi is functioning normally.


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