Close button in maximized mode not reaching the edge of the screen

  • The close button on the browser when in maximized mode on Windows 7 doesn't reach the right edge of the screen, hence when dragging the cursor to the upper right corner in order to close it, nothing happens. [img][/img] Also, while only a cosmetic issue, the non-Windows 10 theme looks like Windows 8 and is totally out of place in Windows 7, maybe one day 3rd party skins will fix this

  • It's a known issue that is dependent on Windows themes. It does not affect me.

  • Because you're using Windows 10?

  • It's hard to reproduce on Win 10. and can only be reproduced in certain themes of Windows 7. Developers are aware of it and working on it.

  • Cqoicebordel 3 weeks ago
    It's confirmed. Depends on the OS theme too. VB-20251 if you want to follow it.

    The bug-tracker is closed, so you cannot follow it, except by searching the blog post for each Snapshot to see if it has been fixed.

  • @Pesala:

    issue that is dependent on Windows themes



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