Printer -Problem

  • Hello, I have installes Vivaldi version 1.4 in my school. We works with Linux. Vivaldi work stable, but we have one problem. If somebody want print something, he/she can't, because there is only the way to create a pdf-document. I know the problem. In the last versions of gkt, there is no direct support for the lprng-printdaemon. We are working with the lprgn-printdaemon. Therefore it is necessary to have an entry in /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc and /etc/gtk-3.0/gtkrc : gtk-print-backends="file,lpr" Obviously you have compiled staticly with gtk, therefore vivaldi don't know this information. Is there a dynamic compiled version of vivaldi or you have make the entries above in your system before compiling vivaldi. For the most users It is not a good idea to have a browser with no possibility to print something. :-(( Best regards Arno

  • what about file>save page as>html document
    then print html/pdf through system drivers and applications?


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