Problems using Vivaldi 1.4

  • The new version of Vilvaldi prevents me to make logon to some secure web sites, e.g. my bank account (BankID). I'm just getting an error message. Everything worked out fine in the previous versions of Vivaldi. I have tested this problem on different computers using Windows 7 and Windows 10 and I am getting the same result every time.

  • Since there are different kinds of possible problems, each producing different error messages, what does your error message say?

  • The error message says:
    An error has occurred.
    Close all browsers and try again.
    If the error persists, contact the bank that issued your BankID and enter the following code: BID-5000.

    I do not blame my bank for this problem. It only occurs in Vivaldi 1.4

  • The error message is coming from somewhere in the web site's authentication chain for user log-in. Whether it's being triggered by a coding bug in the 1.4 Vivaldi version (compared with prior versions) or whether the bank website server is not properly handling the user-agent-string for the newest Vivaldi browser version is hard to say at this distance. It appears BankID is used primarily by Scandinavian banking, so nearly all web search results here for similar problems are in those languages. You might try both filing a bug report with Vivaldi ( ) and reporting the problem to the bank that issued you BankID as recommended in the error message. Sorry I can't be of more help… 😞


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