Notices Say Chrome not Vivaldi Browser

  • I just downloaded Vivaldi browser today and after I logged onto Twitter I got an email saying I had logged in to Twitter from Chrome. I do not have Chrome and wonder why this would happen. Later when I logged into my Gmail I got a similar email saying: "New sign in on Chrome from WIndows". Should I be concerned, why doesn't it say Vivaldi? I am using WIndows 10 (1607) if that matters. Thanks for any help. Edie

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    No one in the web development community knows what Vivaldi is. So since their sites are, in part, developed for Chrome, and since Vivaldi is built on the Chromium engine and renders sites the same way Chrome does, "Chrome" is included in the User Agent string of Vivaldi. Sites that do browser sniffing should detect it as though it were chrome. Sites that do incompetent browser sniffing and can't read a whole User Agent string, will announce that the browser is Chrome, not Vivaldi. Sites that can read a User Agent string properly will identify it as Vivaldi even though the existence of this browser is not preprogrammed into its options. Nothing to worry about. Totally business as usual.

  • Thank you - you would think Twitter and Google could "read a User Agent string properly - oh well. I am liking Vivaldi very much. Thanks for your help.


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