F3 Does not Toggle Find in Page

  • Currently: F3 opens find in page, but it doesn't close it. Escape will close it, and most other controls, but F3 should also close it.

    Suggestion: F3 toggles (shows/hides) the find in page function.

    Ctrl+F should work identically to F3

  • no, it's the intended behaviour and it's ok like this, exactly as other programs do.
    f3 repeats last search too.

  • Moderator

    It's a bug, if the intention is to replicate the behaviour of Old Opera. Ctrl F is the shortcut to show the find toolbar, not F3.

    (VB-18100) Find in Page Toolbar Shows with F3 Find Next

    There is no need to show the find toolbar to find the next or previous occurrence of a text string.

    However, if no text string has been entered yet, then the Find Toolbar does need to be shown, as happens in Opera 12.17.

  • Ah, I see. That does make sense.

    I'd like to suggest an improved behavior:
    1. F3 open search-in-page
    2. Enter jumps to next match, and Shift/Enter go to previous match.
    3. F3 toggles the open/close state.

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