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  • I don't know if this has been brought up already, but ... Why is there a [b]Friends[/b] and a [b]My Friends[/b] ... And a [b]Photos[/b] and a [b]My Photos[/b]?

  • Actually it has been posted (can't remember where now) and if my memory serves, it's simply a rough spot… a glitch if you will. Bear in mind that Jon said this entire site was both a rush job as well as a work in progress.

  • Alrighty then. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the Terminator …
    No problemo. Thanks!

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  • Wwww WHAT? Is that advertising or what?

    My inquiry was regarding the redundancy of the dual occurrences of Friends & My Friends … and Photos & My Photos. And it's already been corrected. Everything is cool there now.

  • [OT]


    Wwww WHAT? Is that advertising or what?

    I'd see it more like a demonstration post for the "Report to moderator" function :D


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