Need the text "Vivaldi" in task list process names

  • I'm on Linux, and I use imWheel to adjust mouse scroll-wheel properties, as the standard driver is much too slow. imWheel operates via a user config file, in which the user can spec scroll speeds based on process names. Thus, for Slimjet or Firefox I can use the header "Slimjet" or "Firefox". The wildcard "*" can be added as well, for when the process name my be dynamically formulated. The problem is that Vivaldi's tab processes do not include "Vivaldi" in their name. If I key to the process name, Vivaldi picks up the imWhleel setting, and it's fine. Thus, for eBay pages, I need to write an "eBay" entry in the imWheel settings file. But that is unworkable. I need to have the word Vivaldi in each Vivaldi process to make this work.

  • Also, this would be helpful for any program that uses the process name in its hook, such as AutoIt.

  • Could use it in the window name as well for CLI tools like 'wmctrl' and 'xdotools'.

  • That's a good point also. AutoIt uses the Window name as well. As it stands, it's very hard to hook to Vivaldi, either by Window or process name.

  • This is also NEEDED to determine if an app is currently running on the computer (hidden or not).
    I have real Opera 12.18, Firefox, & Vivaldi accessible, & need to know which one is running so my macro program can select it.
    Problem: can't select the ID name "- Vivaldi" as a running PROGRAM window in Task Manager.

    All(?) other browsers show their identity regardless of the webpage name…

    • Comodo Dragon
    • Opera (12:17)
    • Mozilla Firefox


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