After searching via Search/Address bar, Tab+down arrow does not focus on first result item…

  • I hope this is a bug that can be fixed, as Chrome works this way. How it works is: 1. Do search in Address/Search bar. 2. See the Google results page. 3. Tab + down arrow 4a. See the first item selected with an arrow on it. 4b. Notice you can keep arrowing down the though the items. Vivaldi doesn't tab through the items so you're forced to manually mouse over and click them. Except when doing a Bing search, which is why I started using Bing. I'm hoping that since Chromes' google results page can do it, so can Vivaldi. nullsteph - mouse clicks hurt

  • Holly smokes, down arrow alone does it; Tab key not needed.
    And of course Enter or Shift + Enter navigates to the link.

    What a relief.

  • Not sure whats going on; sometimes it works on Google results, other times not.


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