Confusing behavior of the forum

  • Hello, imagine there is a newcomer here and wants to post something. He submits a post but then it is nowhere to be found! Why the heck desn't it say something like "your post will be reviewed and then displayed" ??? One can easily think the text is gone due to some bug. That is not really nice.

  • Moderator

    Your first very few posts do have to be reviewed, and then no more of them do. During the week this isn't much of a problem, because it's usually handled in a few minutes to an hour. Sometimes on the weekend the delay is greater.

    Without user pre-clearance, the forum was being flooded by up to hundreds of commercial spam posts daily. These took an unreasonable time investment for us, the volunteer moderators, to remove. We are always discussing better ways to handle this, and we understand your frustration. We anticipate a move to a better platform, which may open more options to us.


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